Why Android Oreo is so Yummy!

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Android Oreo

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Finally, Android Oreo is fully baked. A number of handsets are going to obtain Oreo by the end of the year. So you can get prepare for all these delicious changes as soon as your update arrives:

Better Battery Life:

Evolving from Nougat to Oreo, android is going to improve one of the most crucial elements of smart phones, the battery life. By limiting the background activity of apps and setting the rules for what they can do and what they can’t, Oreo will make the battery to last longer than ever before. So get ready to enjoy the longer lasting battery life for your smart phone.

Control Notifications:

You will be empowered to have ultimate control over the notifications. With Android Oreo you are going to receive these three super powers:

1. The power to on/off the notifications for different apps. Yes, you heard it right, now you will be having the control over which app should notify you and which should remain silent. With Oreo you will be able to shut the mouth of the irritating apps as per your will.

2. The power to snooze notifications. Rather than dismissing the notifications once and never seeing them again, you are going to be empowered to snooze all the notifications until you’re ready to deal with them.
snooze notification (Image:Gizmodo)

3. The power to control notification priorities. Android Oreo will let you categorize apps into groups named low, medium, high and urgent. It will give you control over deciding which app notification should make sound and which should make visual interruption (or appearance over the screen.)
notification priorities (Image:Gizmodo)

New emojis:

A new version of android always comes with new emojis. Google has upgraded the entire emoji icon set this time around. New emojis include a wizard, a dinosaur, a fairy, and an exploding head. Get ready to experience some more fantastic emojis with Android 8.0.


This new feature will allow you to shrink an app down into a little window with any other app in the background. You may have already noticed it before in the YouTube application, where you were able to shrink the video down in a little window while using the YouTube app at the same time and watching the video playing in the shrieked window.
picture in picture(Image:Stackoverflow)

Tweaks in the camera:

You can double-tap on the screen to zoom in and out (50 percent) in the camera app. Along with you can switch between photo and video modes by tapping on the icons rather than annoyingly swiping. These small improvements will create a major difference to your photo and video taking with Android Oreo.

Along with all these fantastic powers and controls Oreo will bring a new friend for you, an Octopus. Get ready to experience all these tasty mouthwatering Oreo flavors as soon as your update arrives.
octopus(Image: Gizmodo, Featured Image Credit: boygeniusreport)

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