Digital Innovation: The Number One Priority To Improve Communication In Fence Industry

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Improper communication can ultimately lead to serious job-site accidents, injuries, fatal accidents, employee problems and reworks. Team reacts differently than expected when communication fails. Often problems in fence construction are referred as communication problems. Areas predominantly affected by miscommunication are timetable, quality, safety, profits and productivity.

Major Causes of Miscommunication:
Unclear handwriting, mistakes, incomplete documents, information not within easy reach, outdated data and technology.

Solving the Communication Problem:
1. Always get feedback.
2. Automate communications: Utilize software that provide real-time updates like FenceERP.
3. Embrace digital solutions: Say goodbye to handwritten documents and cumbersome documentation process.
4. Use proper signs, signals and latest technology.

Fence job-site is no place for misunderstandings. Clear communication not only reduces rework and mitigates accidents, it can also significantly increase profits.
And above all better communication builds better teams.


Feel free to contact us if you need help integrating digital solutions in your fence business.

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