Top 3 Features to Consider When Investing in A Digitized Fence Estimating Software

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01. Cloud based
With today’s pervasive data networks, you can see significant gains by taking advantage of a cloud-based software. Instead of being tied down to a single system, login and access files from anywhere with cloud based software system. This means you can access estimating software whether you are in the office, or at home or anywhere on the globe.

02. Pricing Calculation
High quality software like FenceERP allows you to take advantage of automatically inserting the price into your estimate as you add materials, significantly reducing both the time that’s required for finding and calculating prices as well as the potential for error during the calculation process.

03. SAAS
Software-as-a-service provides subscription based access that avoids high up-front costs. This means SAAS gets updated automatically, which makes the software update process virtually effortless.

You can better determine whether the software has the required features to keep your business operating efficiently.

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