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Holiday season, the time of year when e-commerce sales spike up exponentially. In 2016, holiday sales alone takes place over 21.2% of the total sales. It’s best time of entire year to skyrocket the revenue. But before expecting any harvest, sowing is needed. Keeping the trends in mind, here we are with a Checklist that will help you boost the conversion rates this holiday season.

1. Look and feel:

Decorate your website and make it FESTIVE. It puts the prospects in a mood to buy. Look at the brick and mortar stores, for every holiday sales they set up detailed and stunning displays. A website is no different. And the best tool for this purpose is “The LANDING PAGES”, Holiday-Specific Landing Pages. They help in spotlighting your special promotions, gift packages, seasonal products, gift ideas and at the end miraculously boost your sales up. It’s reported that 74% of shoppers are influenced by coupons and offers online. Be sure to check the box of the landing pages in your checklist. Use them to showcase your best coupons, greatest offers and fruitfully uplift your conversion rates.

2. Social Media:

Today, everyone is on social media. It’s free to make an account there and to remain e-touch with family and friends all the time. In turn, social media provides a gigantic platform for advertising. The impact of social media in present time consumers is huge. It’s estimated that $41 billion will be spent on social media advertising in 2017. With this super power in hand, you have a reach to massive global audience to introduce them your promotions, best deals and to get them Excited!

Also a noteworthy point with today’s consumers is that above 70% of the them use their mobile phones to access the social media accounts. This makes it prime important for a website to be mobile first. Coz when you will be driving the traffic from social media, above 70% of that will access your website on mobile rather than desktop. Bottom line is, without mobile first website, you will be leaving a ton of money on the table. Make sure to check the box of your website to be Mobile First this holiday season, because for sure it will be the Man of the Match of your upcoming Big Victory.

3. Loading Speed:

It’s reported that 44% of shoppers cancel their online orders mid-way just because of a website delay. And Amazon says, for every 100 milliseconds of latency, sales dip by 1%. In dollars, that’s $1 billion. That is HUGE! In simple words, fast the loading speed more will be the profit (or higher conversion rates).

Also there is one more benefit for fast websites. They posses better Pagerank in the search engine results. Because Google has changed the rules and now promotes fast loading websites over the slower ones. So better the loading speed of your site better will be its Pagerank.

The Best tip to improve your website’s loading speed on mobile phones is to embrace AMP and PWA. Make sure to check the box of possessing a lightning fast loading website for every device from desktop to mobile phones/tablets. This weapon will help you stay ahead of your top competitors and will add a lot to your conversion rates.

4. Mobile Friendliness:

It’s a well known requirement. Your website need to be capable of reshaping itself in various screen sizes. Not only for driving traffic from social media but also there is one more important reason. During the holiday season, people are at their busiest. They simply want to get their holiday shopping done as conveniently as possible. Not all of your customers will have time to sit in front of desktops to shop. In such circumstances if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will not properly display on their smartphones or iPad screens, then there is a huge risk that customers may leave it just because of the frustration.

Ask your crucial questions here regarding Mobile Friendliness. Make sure to check this box of mobile friendliness as soon as possible, it’s one of the basic ingredient you need for this holiday season to uplift your conversion rates. The customers will be approaching your website from many different-different screen sizes. Better to get ready to welcome them experience the best, regardless of what screen sizes they are accessing from.

5. Checkout Flow:

On an average, three out of every four people who are ready to buy something on a site decide NOT TO just because the checkout flow of the website is improper. This silly mistake can change the whole game at the last moment! Work on it, make the checkout process as simple as possible to follow. When completed, test it again and again. Check this box anyhow, otherwise all your efforts will prove to be useless at the end moment of finishing line.

Final Words:

With every passing moment, we’re getting closer to the biggest shopping season of the year. Check all the boxes of this checklist and simply boost your conversion rates. Let us know whenever you need any help, either small or big, we will be happy to stand with you and make this holiday season one of your BIGGEST successes. Happy Holiday Season!

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