Exciting Fence Tech. To Look For in 2020 and beyond

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Smartphones and the instant messaging service has already transformed the quality of communication in the fence industry and you’ll soon see revolution in real-time information sharing. Furthermore real-time project management tools such as FenceERP provides one central system to manage all forms of communication.

Over the next few years robots will carry out all the tasks that can be automated. And as technology advances robots will carry out more complex tasks.

Augmented Reality:
It will become more common for fence industries to put together a virtual 3D version of their blueprint, allowing the customers to see the fence and building before it’s even been built.

They are no longer seen as a very new technology. Offering a cost effective and fast way to get complete aerial view of a site. Now they’re one of the most popular tools for accurate surveys and mapping of a site.

3D printing and advanced materials:
3D printing is another technology becoming prevalent rapidly. It’s benefits are clear, creating fence material in less time and with minimal manual labor. It can also make precise objects or parts in a fraction of the time.


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