From Siri to self driving cars of Tesla, Artificial Intelligence is improving shape of every industry. Even being at it’s infant age of development, AI can write articles, create music and even cook food for you.

It has amazing potential to create profound change in people’s lives. Industries are adopting it rapidly and as time is passing by, integrating AI is becoming critically important. Let’s see how digital marketing is embracing AI and what are the changes we can expect it’ll bringing in near future:


Up to now we see many irrelevant ads here and there while surfing internet. They are just too many, uninvited and annoying. Pop-ups interrupting browsing experience, creepy remarketing following you with the same display ad everywhere you go, embarrassing autoplaying videos that you can’t even skip and pain in reading a news article because of scrolling past a dozen ads. They are not only annoying the spectators but also make you lose a lot of money for advertising in front of wrong audience.

Happily, targeting is going to be deep-refined through the involvement of AI from now on. With machine learning you will be able to reach out to the right audience at exact time and accurate location. We have reached so far that today’s AI systems can create amazing profiles of accurate customers just through analyzing and learning from a user’s history data such as websites visited, shopping habits, email clicks, comments on social media ,location, age and interests. Now we have such algorithms that can give scores to the audience and then can automatically suggest the most relevant audience for displaying your ads. Which ensures that you only target those consumers who have readiness to buy from you. Like Microsoft Azure and IBM’s Watson etc. are amazing examples of AI currently being used. And this technology is going to improve more and more rapidly in coming days.


Digital marketers generally use AI powered chatbots to get excellent quality leads. They utilise them to:

– Collect pre-sales data from prospects so as to gather hot leads,

– Respond effectively in the conversation. It’s done by answering as per the emotions that user show. This in turn makes the bots more smart and human like.

– Analyze sentiments through collected data so as to tell you the opinion of people – is it positive, negative or neutral about your brand.

Natural language processing or NLP which can be combined in with artificial intelligence makes a chatbot application capable to understand human speech or text messages including discerning intent. Now you’ll not only have the simple conversation data but it’ll be way more meaningful and worthy with having the intention information of the user.

Collection of the negative emotions that user show in the conversations and the reviews can also be used to analyse what products are missing the mark and predict the better products for future.

Predictive Analytics:

It helps to forecast the future events or the occurrence of unknown events. Digital marketers use this process during campaigns to improve the quality of leads. By analysing the demographics, social information, lead fills and behavioural data Predictive Lead Scoring comes up with a formula that automatically buckets your leads so that you can identify the most qualified ones.

It can also used for segmentation of customers. So that customized messages can be sent to each segment as per their behavioural traits. This will deliver more personal message to the targeted audience and will be result in better leads.


Google had already stated, make your website stand out by making it fast, valuable, and engaging to get a good PageRank. It uses RankBrain, a machine learning system to rank websites. For sure AI can help you achieve these criteria and even much more.

If you haven’t incorporated the benefits of AI into your digital marketing strategies yet, consider it now! If there’s anything we can do to support you, feel free to contact.


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