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Online world is an ever changing space and improvement is its nature. Trends come and go making the experience of consumers more delightful every time. You can expect lots of amazing UI/UX advancements in coming year 2019. Some trends will grow bigger and powerful while others will slowly fade away. Let’s look at some important trends you should expect of seeing more in 2019 so that you can update and improve your website.


The Mobile:

As far as UX trend is considered, it will still be mobile. People really love smart phones and this trend will only grow bigger. In recent years the explosive rise of small screen lovers made designers crazy about the responsive designs. But soon everyone realized that mobile is not the future, it is Now. They begin to see the potential of Mobile First Websites and started preferring them over everything else.

Also with each passing day desktop websites are going to look more like apps. Since the customers approach a website from a huge number of different screen sizes. Brands now want to provide them the same interface everywhere so that they don’t need to learn a new one each time they use different device. See the Google’s search results page. It already begin removing the ads from the right menu and now you will notice the ads only on the top and bottom area. Mobile usage is going to increase only which clearly shows the growth potential of this trend in the future.




The rise and advancement in messaging platforms and chatbots clearly indicates that they are going to play a major role in the future of UX. The fast growth in Artificial Intelligence opened doors for lots of new possible ways to interact with consumers. We are already seeing chatbot technology on websites and apps for quite some time now like Google Assistant, Siri or ordering a pizza through a conversational mobile app. The development in chatbot technology is still in its infancy and we have yet to see its full potential. But as this technology is growing soon we are going to see its magic. Get ready to enter the days when you will be talking with artificially intelligent customer service representatives in almost every industry. This technology will bring tremendous opportunities to strengthen business through conversations. And the ability of 24×7 connectivity, which will make consumers able to remain connected with the brands all the time. Conversational UX will be the most interesting trend to watch next year.


Voice Recognition:


Trend of voice recognition and moment tracking is soon coming which will surely be way more effective and cool than keyboard, mouse and touch. It will make communication much faster and will bring the UX to another level. Development in this technology is amazing, now 90% of the voice inputs are pinpointedly accurate. When this technology will be combined with AI and chatbots, things will come to life. It will be one of the most exciting trends with infinite possibilities to redefine UX completely in the coming years.


Progressive Web Apps:


One trend that will continue to grow in 2019 is PWAs. With Progressive Web Apps, gone are those days when your users first find your app in an app store, download it, install it and then, finally, open it. As they are accessible through web URLs user can immediately start using them, eliminating the unnecessary downloading and installation stages. Think of a PWA as a website that acts and feels like an App (and is built using web technologies). What separates a PWA from regular websites is that it has properties to native apps like send push notifications, work offline, look and feel like an app load on the home screen, and so on and so forth. When it comes to UX, the benefits of PWA are endless which makes this trend continue to grow in the upcoming years.


Anticipatory Design:


We foresee AD to be one of the highest quality trends. Amazon and Netflix has already implemented AD which we can see how they recommend choices based on previous purchases and habits of the consumers. Though AD is still in infant stages of development but as it’s reshaping the consumer selection process, it’s receiving huge acceptance and love which clearly suggest that this trend will unstoppably grow in the coming year.


Motion Design:

As technology advances designs are becoming more impressive, engaging and delightful. With every passing moment it becomes more difficult for a website to stand out, be unique and hypnotic. With advancement in motion technologies, even beautiful static images will end up making you look outdated. No doubt why Google and Apple integrate motion from start to end in their keynotes (such as animated logos). Videos are the ideal way to help keeping the attention of your audience. The motion design has greater impact on viewers as compared to static and thus clearly it’s one of the most trending and best UX content type.



Humans love visuals more than words. And a cinemagraph has everything to capture our attention. It’s neither a photograph nor a video but a small animation which even doesn’t weigh much to slow down the website. Technically cinemagraphs can be a very good alternative to videos. They can easily gather higher user engagement and conversions which makes them widely adopted and grow to be one of the hottest UX trends of today’s world.



Smart brains around the globe are continuously working to make user experience better every time. With every upcoming and growing trend things are becoming more delightful. Possessing a loving and up-to-date website in the basic need to stay fruitful in online world. It generates trust in customers for your brand and keeps you ahead from all your competitors. It’s the correct time to update and upgrade your website now. So that it can keep pace with latest trends and you can begin 2019 with a Bang. Let us know whenever you need any help, either small or big, we will be happy to stand with you and make this upcoming year one of your BIGGEST successes. Happy New Year!

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