Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update?

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Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update?

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Google search is shifting to Mobile First Index. Soon google search results will be based primarily on the Mobile Index rather than the desktop. Which simply means that those websites which give fantastic mobile experience will possess a better page ranking in google search results. They will be prefered over the other websites.


Finally the time has come to bring your website’s mobile version in order. Yes, you heard it right! If your website is not mobile friendly, then your page rankings are surely going to suffer.

But why?

It’s a known fact that mobile phones are easy to carry, light-weight, powerful and are always connected, so no doubt more and more people are shifting on mobile phones these days from desktops and laptops for net surfing. In simple words, market is shifting on mobile phones nowadays and this trend will continue in the coming years. As result 60 to 70% google searches are being done from mobile phones everyday. So to make customer experience better google is soon going to prefer those websites which amazingly work on mobiles.

But wait, my website isn’t mobile compatible, what should I do?

Within no time, make these necessary changes:
1. Optimize the images. (compress them)
2. Made the code easy.
3. Use browser cache.
4. Remove most of the redirections on your site.
5. Make proper navigations.
6. Arrange the site properly.
7. Remove flash on your website. (iPhones don’t support flash)
8. Get rid of pop ups.
9. Consult the professionals. Contact us for one on one help.

Will it be beneficial for me?

If your website is responsive, fast to load and delivers a high quality mobile experience, then yes, surely it will be fruitful for you. Since now the mobile index will act as google’s primary index and will assign page ranking of the search results preferring it over the desktop index. In simple words, your site will appear on top results of search when it will be compatible for Google’s First Mobile Index.

It’s the right time to act. Keep pace with the current technology and convert your website to be finger friendly rather than mouse friendly. Because future don’t belongs to damn big desktops and mouse, rather it belongs to FINGERS and SMARTPHONES.

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