It’s October : Is Your Website Ready For This Holiday Season?

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With every passing moment, we’re getting closer to the biggest shopping season of the year: November and December. Once upon a time, Black Friday was the kick-off day for brick and mortar stores to promote holiday sale. More recently, the Internet has changed many things, including the how and when companies interact with their customers. The holidays seem to come earlier and earlier every year and the clock is truly ticking. While the rest of the world is thinking about Halloween, use these tips and you’ll end the year with a bang:

Upgrade Your Website’s Look and Feel:

Even before Halloween customers start their holiday shopping online. This time demands the site to be FESTIVE, dressed up like a Santa Claus. It puts them in mood to buy. Brick and mortar stores always set up detailed and stunning displays. A website is no different. And what prove to be Magic for this purpose are “The LANDING PAGES”, The Holiday-Specific Landing Pages. You need a bunch of them. Start designing, developing and testing them now, so that the top level performing pages will be ready on time for the holiday shopping. They will spotlight special promotions, gift packages, seasonal products, gift ideas and will miraculously boost your sales up. It’s reported that 74% of shoppers are influenced by coupons and offers online. Use the landing pages to showcase your coupons and greatest offers.

Promotional Content Creation:

It’s all about getting your customers excited. October is the correct time for Generating, Collecting and Spreading promotional content. A content that will raise the excitement in your prospects and get them aware of the offers you will be featuring during the Holiday Season. They will get prepared for it and excited already to shop from your website. Ultimately on the days of the holiday sale you will end up having huge amount of traffic. After producing appreciable amount of promotional content, you should MARK THE DATES on your calendar. Start spreading this content through your website, email and social media channels as per your decided schedule.

Promotion is just one aspect. You also need to solve the technical issues of your website before entering the season:

1 Mobile Friendliness:

During the holiday season, people are at their busiest. They simply want to get their holiday shopping done as conveniently as possible. Not all of your customers will have time to sit in front of their computers to shop. In such circumstances if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will not properly display on their smartphones or iPad screens, then there is a huge risk that customers may leave it just because of the frustration. Ask your crucial questions here regarding Mobile Friendliness of your website.

2 Loading Speed:

It’s reported that 44% of shoppers cancel their online orders mid-way just because of a website delay. Also, better the loading speed, better will be the Pagerank of your site on the Search Engine Results. Few of the essential steps to take you can find here in order to decrease your website’s loading speed.

3 Checkout Flow:

On an average, three out of every four people who are ready to buy something on a site decide NOT TO just because the checkout flow of the website is improper. This silly mistake can change the whole game at the last moment! Work on it, make the checkout process simple to follow. Test it again and again.

Don’t let this precious time go. Arise and start working. Let us know whenever you need any help, either small or big, we will be happy to stand with you and make this holiday season one of your BIGGEST successes. HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON ?

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