Working on a fence construction project is never easy. Many people are involved. As well as office and job sites are connected strongly otherwise planning and development suffer. In order to deliver a project as per planning all the tasks are closely tied together and all their responsibilities should be followed with great precision.

Faster communication, instant information access, automating documentation and minimising mistakes or reworks become the utmost need.
Thanks to Fence Construction Management Softwares like FenceERP. It’s an All In One Solution to overcome these issues. In today’s highly competitive world and massive rise in material costs it’s a huge relief to fence construction teams as well.

Main benefits of fence digital solutions are:
01. Automatic daily reports of onsite activities.
02. Effortless collaboration of documents, tasks and activities.
03. Instant communication.
04. Sharing updates in real-time.
05. Prevent rework and reduce hazards by access to accurate real-time information.
06. Automate cumbersome documentation processes.
07. Access the details of the project anywhere, anytime even on your smartphone. This keeps everyone on the same page.


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Igniting digital journey of your business is never simple. It need efforts to convince everyone in organization to go digital. Generally people resist change. But on the other hand adopting latest tools and technologies can not be ignored at any cost. This mistake may lead you out of market.

Good news is that it’s not too late to adopt digital solutions like FenceERP that gives you ultimate control over project workflow, enhance productivity, automate cumbersome documentation processes, real-time information of all projects, prevent hazards and reworks etc.

But how to start developing a digital culture?
Starting small is a great way. Start by implementing simple tasks and training staff on software and tools. Gradually things will start to yield amazing fruits.

Your team first need to understand the amazing benefits of going digital. Once educated they will prefer advanced digital tools in day to day tasks. Now they can also help other teammates how to use this awesome new software.

In today’s smartphone world when everyone possess high tech mobile phones, learning how to use a digital tool wouldn’t be that tough as it seems. It’s like learning how to use a new app on your smartphone. It’s that simple but highly effective!


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Daily Logs are fundamental components of fence construction process. Putting information together from each day that there is work done on every site appears chaotic, cumbersome and endless. But here is a good news – Digital Solutions like FenceERP has arrived in fence construction world. It can automate some most time consuming aspects of project management.

Daily logs created on pen-paper can’t be updated after creation. And problematic if filled with bad handwriting. But digital notes can be updated anytime with realtime information and always readable whether it’s bright or dark. Accessible anywhere. Information is filled lightning fast in digital mode unlike the pre-digital days when daily logs took weeks.

Now with Fence Construction Project Management Softwares you can submit, retrieve and store your projects’ information instantly. Generate professional looking logs and even share them easily. Better collaborate and communicate with your team and clients. Construct more in-depth daily logs. And prevent hazards and mistakes with the power of accurate information available to you all the time.

Digital Solutions Have Made Documentation More Accurate, Trustworthy, Lightning Fast and Stress Free!


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You replace outdated machines and systems as technology advances. It’s a form of investment. To improves current work and processes.
Today’s fence construction is facing problems such as low margins and productivity, lack of skilled labor, mistrust in contractual relationships and absence of standardization. Taking all these into consideration, clearly software like FenceERP can have a powerful impact on fence construction when used in the right way.

Successfully implementing software as a digital solution is easy and affordable as never before. And the returns of this investment not only comes in form of profits but also satisfaction. Replacing old cumbersome ways of managing documents and communication with a software on your smartphone or laptop minimize frustration for repetitive and time-consuming tasks as well as prevent hazards and mistakes.

In the mobile generation software in fence construction industry is not a luxury, rather it’s a necessity.

You are always on the go when you can access information to get the job done anywhere. Softwares like FenceERP are cloud solutions that help manage every aspect of a fence construction project anytime and form wherever you are. Preconstruction, Scheduling, Project Management, Field Reporting and so on, A solution for everything to help streamline your processes and improve productivity. Cloud based fence construction management software are amazing in:

01. Record-keeping:

Now forget about cumbersome and inefficient methods of keeping records on papers. Cloud based solutions enable employees to submit RFIs, daily reports, change orders, work records and other verified documents in real-time. This data collection is lightning fast and highly convenient. Prevents reports to lost, speed up the information flow with tracking records of date, time, location as well as digital signature.

02. Increase Productivity and efficiency:

Your smartphone can turn into mobile office anywhere. Project management has never been easier. Cloud based solutions provides real-time information even on your smartphones. Ability to access and update data anywhere-anytime improves productivity on your projects. Also reduces risk by resolving issues as soon as they arise.

03. Excellent Collaboration:

Effective communication and collaboration is the key component to success of any Fence Construction Project. Conversations become productive when team members have access to same information in real-time.

Fence construction businesses are beginning to see productivity gains through cloud based construction management softwares. Working smarter – Incorporating Technology – is always one of the best solution. Reducing waste, labor costs and saving time by bringing everyone on the same page and preventing mistakes are the best ways and increase profits.

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New digital technology helps uplifting productivity by as much as 60%. When people gain digital control, their efficiency increases to complete day to day tasks. Now they can have proper real-time details of everything from locations, inputs to work in progress and assigned tasks. This also prevents mistakes and safety hazards. Using software instead of spreadsheet immediately reduces huge load from team’s shoulders and saves time, energy, redo tasks and money.

But problem that most teams encounter is where to begin the software incorporation in the crew.
Starting small is a great way. Start by implementing simple tasks and training staff on software and tools. Gradually things start to yield amazing fruits.


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Year over year material costs are rising. Innovative ways are required that can help reduce material costs without compromising quality.

1. Prefabrication:
Prefabricated components: Only pay for and use what you need. It significantly reduces construction time, labor costs. As well as headache of handling increased waste.

2. Lean Design and Construction:
These methods focus on developing collaborative relationships between design and construction teams using software & tools. It boosts productivity, employee accountability and reduce waste (upto 65%). Which in turn increases profit for all involved parties & reduce safety hazards as well.

3. Unite with Field Construction Management Software:
Construction management software– like FenceERP– gives open access via the cloud to all involved parties from property owners to construction teams, design teams and even general contractors. Everyone can access the details of the project anywhere, anytime. This keeps everyone on the same page. Using such software prevents mistakes that often occurs due to misunderstandings and lead to re-do‘s. It saves construction finances and your significant precious time plus energy.

Working smarter – Incorporate Technology!


Want to learn more about how technology is transforming the Fence Construction Industry? Feel free to contact our experts!

You are happy when your users are happy. You are satisfied when your users are satisfied. This is what performance testing is all about. It’s not mere a question of load times and responsiveness. What’s really in your heart is: Will this software meet the expectations of my users?

Our team at SoftGetix understands this very well, and thus we consider performance testing strictly through the lens of User Experience. Better the user experience better is the performance, that’s it.
Let’s put it in another way, if your software crashes or pages take infinitely long time to load then this will surely annoy your precious users. Also you might lose many of them. Such a software is useless and even harmful for the growth of your business. It needs improvement in the performance, no doubt.

We take millions of data points to track performance continuously, even in developing stages. What this does is make developing team aware whether the recent changes to the code are improving or distracting from user experience. Point is simple that your performance strategy needs to be more holistic than simply looking at the load time of pages. It should be mindful of entire user experience.

The Big Picture:

Performance may mean one thing to you but another thing to your user. You may think less load time of pages mean better performance but your users feel the other way. They feel that getting useful information fast is actually better performance. They are not having stopwatches in their hands while waiting for pages to load for them. In reality they are staying there in order to wait for the software to do something useful. From server standpoint it may look pages are super fast, but it might be because of the result of forcing your customer’s device to do extra processing. So what’s happening in the real world is that load time of pages is way longer than that being showed in test results. Your users are feeling like they are wasting time and you on the other hand aren’t even aware of it. Such a bad strategy to push the processing to the client’s device deeply damages the user experience.

the big picture

In some cases you might need to do this but you must take the impact on perceived speed into account during testing. Bottom line is: Examine performance from user’s viewpoint, not the server’s.

The Big Picture is knowing what your users care about? And then testing your software in such an environment and strategy that it will yield realistic results. Without it, product owners can only guess at the quality of the solution their business is providing.


Performance testing gives you confidence that the product in which you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on is performing as well as you have hoped. It’s the key to find how well is your software built and how well its output is. Is it built to the highest possible standards that you could achieve or not? Will it be pleasing to users?

Along with answering these, performance testing saves you from experiencing really big problems. Troubles that might arise just after delivery of the newest version of your product. And the fruit is that you earn trust of your customers. They know it that the products they are going to get from you, are surely gonna be perfect and flawless.

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Web based construction management software are those hasslefree platforms that are easy to adopt and lightning fast in use. They get evolved after many development in technology of construction industry – from lengthy and boring paper works to costly and huge offline software systems.

This latest technology saves you from maintaining registers, installing – managing – upgrading the expensive softwares and their gigantic infrastructure. It simply frees you from these administrative tasks and ultimately allows you to focus on serious work at hand. Let’s see how this magic happens:

Collaboration with Confidence:

To ensure visibility and control over all your project processes a trustworthy system is required. Web based Fence construction management software is the best solution.

They remove all major barriers to collaboration. By allowing all your team members to have access to the project information – easily and at no additional cost.

Increased visibility further gives you more control. More people using the system means more accurate information and real time frequent updates into your account.

This helps you drive accountability, realize issues pinpointed and make better decisions. Furthermore it resolves disputes faster and avoids many of them even before they’re born.


Whether you’re at office or on the job site or anywhere else – web based construction management software keeps you accessible to your crew, job prospects and clients all the time.It’s easily accessible by any device, you just need an internet connection – that’s it.

Furthermore it helps you in task management and job scheduling as well. You just need to login into your account and then every information comes systematically arranged for you, either of clients, tasks progress or of crew. This makes everything effortlessly easy and saves tonnes of your precious time.


Web based construction management software makes your life more easy via integrating with other awesome solutions such as Quickbooks. And you don’t even need any technical expertise to do that. It’s just s simple as making a phone call.

Effortless Estimation:

Web based construction management software are capable of determining bid price and estimate cost. Just by feeding in some details you can easily automate these operations as per your will.

The Safest Choice:

Embrace web based construction management software and then forget to worry about updating or backing up servers anymore – a highly secure data center will take it’s care. It allows you to keep your information safe, secure as well as accessible from any device in real time.

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